How do I prevent my dog from attacking?

When we are responsible for a dog that has either bitten people or tried to in the past, we need to put prevention and management in place. Never become complacent. Once there has been signs of aggressive behaviour from your dog, you must assume it can and probably...

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How do you handle a dog that bites?

(For how to handle a puppy that bites click here) Adult dogs can ‘play’ bite…  it’s not breed dependent, either. Some dogs use their mouths to investigate things. Some dogs bite aggressively because they are worried.The trick is not to let any dog bite a person or...

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How do you handle a Puppy that bites?

Direction, Redirection, Facilitation NORMAL Puppy Biting Facts: Puppies investigate with their mouths, and learn bite inhibition and whether a bite causes a reaction by practice. It is part of their normal development.  Biting is also part of the normal teething...

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How do you prevent a dog from biting you?

Being in a situation with a scary aggressive dog can be really frightening and the trauma can affect people long term, both mentally and physically. In Australia, there is an increase in dog bites, and the dogs that bite are...

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