Course in interacting effectively and safely with dogs in the workplace.

This effective and accessible course helps to: 

Prevent injuries and insurance claims

Reduce negative worker/dog interactions

Increase your team members’ confidence
Improve your customers’ experiences
Nationally Recognised Training Course with ASQA
Achieve Certificate of Attainment on Completion
The Only Nationally Recognised unit of competency in Dog Bite Prevention available in Australia.

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Dog bites in NSW* at a glance

Total attacks reported




*2019 reporting – source

For countless generations, humans have coexisted with dogs. They are our workmates, our guardians, and our beloved companions. But for everything we gain from our relationships with dogs, there are always some unwanted outcomes. These can range from minor undesirable behaviours, right through to attacks on people. And that’s why understanding dog body language is vital.

Whilst it’s impossible to completely prevent all instances of dog bites, proper training can greatly reduce the likelihood of them happening. The Dog Bite Prevention Program is specially designed to teach people how to stay safe when encountering dogs in the workplace

Give your team the confidence and dog-awareness skills they need with the Dog Bite Prevention Program.