Training Tailored to your needs

The Dog Bite Prevention Program has been created for everyone who may encounter dogs in their workplace.

This can include…

Delivery and postal workers

Council employees

Home care providers


Utilities workers

Health care professionals

Canvassers and salespeople

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  • Nationally Recognised Training Course with ASQA
  • Achieve Certificate of Attainment on Completion
  • The Only Nationally Recognised Unit Of Competency in Dog Bite Prevention 10784NAT available in Australia.

In short, the course is beneficial for any worker who may find themselves at risk when entering a premises with dogs.

The Dog Bite Prevention Program benefits your workers

This comprehensive course has been compiled by industry-leading experts to teach your team members how to:

Understand dog body language

Identify risks associated with dog harassment and aggression

Take appropriate action to avoid injury while maintaining the welfare of the dog.

The course details how to assess a dog’s aggression level, how to approach them once an assessment has been made, and how to react when the situation changes. Upon completion, your team members will have the confidence and ability to minimise the risk of dog bites – and more effectively do their jobs.