The experts behind the program



Director of Operations

Ilana brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to The Dog Bite Prevention Program. She successfully started and led her own veterinary education business for 12 years and sold VetPrac in 2019 to focus full time on the Dog Bite Prevention Program. Dr Mendels is also a qualified veterinarian who has worked in regional NSW and Sydney before moving to Brisbane where she cares for patients in the western suburbs. Ilana’s overarching life-goal is to make a positive impact. VetPrac’s mission of meeting the professional and social needs of registered veterinary surgeons made it the regional leader in veterinary education for qualified vets. Dr Mendels hopes that the value and reach of the Dog Bite Prevention Program will benefit the human-animal social fabric for Australians. Ilana is also a high-profile member of the veterinary community who is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with others, Ilana’s years of practical experience and business acumen contribute to make The Dog Bite Prevention Program an invaluable learning resource for Australians.

Tracy Irons


Director of Learning and Customer Relations

Tracy’s expertise in animal behaviour is highly sought after. Tracy consults nationally for local and regional councils assessing dangerous dog behaviour, facilitates animal management workshops for metro and regional council officers and manages a range of educational packages veterinary clinical staff.

Tracy is also Director of Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services and The Delta Dog Society. Tracy’s skills are supported by her founding education in the Certificate IV in Companion Animal Training. Tracy has strong stakeholder relationships with veterinary clinics, utilities services and government councils across Australia.

Additionally, Tracy is a key commercial partner with Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) and Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission (GWIC) supporting greyhound owners with the transition of their dogs to home environments after racing commitments.

Tracy is well known and respected in the veterinary behaviour community and brings passion, enthusiasm and experience to the Dog Bite Prevention Program.



Director of Education and Animal Behaviour

Dr Henderson’ skills and knowledge as one of Australia’s premier subject matter experts have ensured the successful results from learning through the Dog Bite Prevention Program. Her expertise and adaptation of animal behaviour knowledge into a work health and safety curriculum makes the program effective for a wide group of workers in Australia. As a senior veterinarian, Tracey worked in small and mixed practices in Australia and the UK before co-founding Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services with Tracy. She completed a postgraduate course in animal behaviour and was the first South Australian veterinarian to become a member of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Veterinary Behaviour by examination. Tracey consults full time to owners of dogs and cats with social and psychological problems. She develops training classes, works as an animal behaviour consultant and diagnoses medical disorders as part of behaviour modification programs. Tracey is often asked to submit opinions associated with dangerous dog risks in the Adelaide courts. Tracey is the subject matter expert in how the mind of a dog develops and perceives information. She is highly respected across Australia and in the veterinary behaviour specialist community for her skills and knowledge in assessing animals and communicating their needs to owners.